Nutrition That is Healthy, Delicious and Sustainable

We are proud of our products. But we are also proud of how we run our company. We are committed to sustainable business practices as embodied in our core values, which drive everything we do.
Reducing Energy Usage
Reducing Energy Usage
Reducing Water Usage
Reducing Water Usage
Reducing Packaging Waste
Reducing Packaging Waste

Food Sustainability

We create unique products with attention at every step to ensuring freshness and employing responsible production techniques.

  • High-quality products. We work with our growers to source the very best, and then preserve that high quality throughout our production process.
  • Clean label ingredients. This means 100% of all Eat Smart products will have no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives by the end of 2018.
  • Responsible waste re-use. We continue to find new development paths and partnerships that are optimized to use our vegetable waste, keeping it out of landfills.

Environmental Sustainability

Because we work so close to the land, we have a love for the beauty, abundance and fragility of it. And this love demands that we are responsible with the natural resources on which we depend—in our work, for the health and prosperity of each other, and for the sustainability of our planet.

  • Responsible water use. We are investing in a water-reclamation system that will recapture more than 70% of all the water we use in our production process.
  • Responsible energy use. We optimize our refrigerated truck network and plants to reduce the amount of energy we use in all our locations.
  • Responsible material use. Over 90% of all our packaging materials are made from renewable and recyclable materials.

Social Sustainability

We strive to support the health and wellness of everyone our products touch. We work respectfully, at all times, with our growers, supply partners, customers and consumers of our products.

  • Employees.We are proud of our comprehensive compensation program that includes competitive compensation, full benefits, employee safety training and safe work environments, on-going training and career opportunities.
  • Vendors and growers. We work with vendors and growers who share our core values and operate with the highest integrity in their own businesses across all the same tenets of quality, environmental and social responsibility that we value.
  • Partners and customers. We treat our partners and customers with respect and maintain full transparency of information.
  • Community involvement. We have a longstanding “Strong Roots” program, whereby we donate food to the Boys & Girls Clubs and other organizations in the communities in which we operate.
Our work has just begun. We are always learning and striving to improve because we know what we did yesterday is not good enough for tomorrow. And this is our pledge to you: to be a steward of this earth, dedicated to enriching our lives in every dimension—from the food we source, harvest and deliver, to the people with whom we work in and outside the company, to the trust we share with you, our community of customers and neighbors whom we cherish.